"Strength Through Learning"


The story starts with 3 close friends, who all attended the same high school. They undertook very similar subjects throughout their schooling lives, all of which centred around Mathematics; but also branched across English, Science and Business. This connection they shared through their early studies, culminated in outstanding academic success among all 3 of them.

This success was then not only expanded into Tertiary Education, but also became a starting point by which each individual began to share their knowledge with other students. Eventually, leading them to a point where they realised that, the knowledge they developed throughout their schooling lives could be best applied through the conduit that has become Fortior Education.

The name Fortior translates in Latin to ‘stronger’, and derives from the motto of the school which our 3 founders attended: Parramatta Marist High School. By adopting such a name, they hope to pass on the values towards education which were engrained into them throughout their academic lives, and which led to their profound successes within their individual studies.

This company’s goal is to promote strength within one’s own education, developing their capability to learn, in all areas of their life, not just academic. However our founders firmly believe that such a strength must be perfected through learning.

On behalf of the team at Fortior Education, we wish you all the best with your studies, and hope that we can be part of your success.

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